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At Addcomposites, we have developed a compact tool and an innovative automated manufacturing process that makes composite manufacturing accessible to small to medium scale industries.


Using our technology, we provide fast, flexible and accessible part manufacturing service. Send us an email to get a quote about your manufacturing requirements.

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Our innovation is in the Addcomposites automated tool head that combines dry fiber tapes and chemically active resin insitu to produce composite laminates. By choosing the right kind of resin, we eliminate the need for autoclave curing. This unique approach used with 3D printed moulds enables fast production turnaround, accessible small-medium volume production and high material flexibility.

Why choose us?

Fast Production

Using 3D printed tooling

Consistent Quality

Automated Patented Manufacturing Process

Material Flexibility

Freedom of custom fiber and resin combination


Our Story

Addcomposites is created by international team of engineering professionals passionate about manufacturing technology. We believe in the power of composite materials and automation.
Future is now, we want to create it!

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Puumiehenkuja 5,
02150 Espoo, Finland

+ 358 (0) 503 305 201

E-mail: info@addcomposites.com