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Addcomposites is your trusted partner for manufacturing technical composite parts in low to medium volumes. Our innovative service and fast turnround is based on in-house developed and patented automated manufacturing technology.

We enable our customers to get precisely produced, high quality parts without having a need to invest into capital intensive equipment at the early stages of creating the product.


Based on CAD files and core part specifications, we are aiming to produce small to medium volume of parts. Our technology is best suited for technical continuous fibre reinforced parts.

Fully automated system allows producing composite parts of complex shapes. The whole process happens in a fully controlled and closed environment to ensure that quality, material optimisation and safety are taken to the highest standards.

Our solution is based on proprietary and patented technology developed and proven in Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland.


Competitive Price

different material combinations and sizes

Innovative Technology

complex curvature surfaces

High Quality

high accuracy, repeatability and control

Made in Finland

your local manufacturing solution

Small to Medium Volumes

no exposure of operators to harmful chemicals or repetitive tasks

Fast Production

reduced material waste and high productivity

Our Story

Addcomposites is created by international team of engineering professionals passionate about manufacturing technology. We believe in the power of composite materials and automation.
Future is now, we want to create it!

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Contact Us

Are you a composites passionate, engineer and investitor?
Contact us, let’s build the future of manufacturing together!

Puumiehenkuja 5,
02150 Espoo, Finland

+ 358 (0) 503 305 201

E-mail: info@addcomposites.com